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New Nokia Lumia 900
Published By naruto100 on 2012-01-12 1466 Views

Nokia is about to launch new Nokia Lumia 900. I guess everybody knows about Nokia Lumia 800 as its advertisement was at all over the internet. Nokia has done nice advertisement of it. It’s a smart phone with the new windows operating system in it. After its success Nokia is thinking about to launch its new phone of Lumia series with some more features.

The new Nokia Lumia 900 can be launched in July of this year. In look wise it will be very similar to the Nokia Lumia 800. Let’s see what changes given in new Lumia 900 over Lumia 800. 

Screen Size: The Nokia Lumia 800 having the size of 3.7 inches. But this new one will come with little big screen of 4.3 inches. So having big screen is always an advantage.

Operating System: The operating system will be the same as last one. It will be launched with the new windows operating system.

Front Facing Camera: In last phone there wasn’t any front facing camera. But in Lumia 900 there will be front facing camera of 1.2 Mega Pixels. It is always good to have front facing camera which is quite important for the video calling purpose.

4G Network: The important thing is that it will come with 4g technology. The old version was launched with only 3g network but in Lumia 900 we will have 4G too !!!

Storage Capacity: In this part Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 are same. So storage capacity for both phones will be same of 16GB (internal memory).

So in short Nokia Lumia 900 is like upgraded version of Nokia Lumia 800 with more features. Nokia have filled up all the features in this new phone which are missing in Lumia 800.

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